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March 31, 2016




To Develop Military Law 

Interview with V. Komoyedov, the Chairman of the Defense Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federal Assembly, on the eve of the 110th anniversary of the beginning of the work of the Russian first representative body concerning discussion and preparation of bills – the State Duma.


The State Duma; Defence Committee; MPs; legislation; bill; military construction; state defense order; military-technical cooperation; military service; military personnel; social politics.


Degtyarev A.P.

«CARRY OUT THE MEASURES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE»: Military And Naval Programs In The Work Of The State Duma At The Beginning Of XX Century

This article presents the progress of factional infighting in the Russian State Duma in the early 20th century amid military and naval programs suggested by departments as important components of strengthening the Armed forces before the World War I. Special attention is paid to show originality of military and political positions of the MPs, certain factions during the first years of the emerging Russian parliamentary system. The article shows development and originality of relations between the legislative and executive structures in military sphere and role of the important state and political figures in strengthening the state national defense. It emphasizes that many times most of Duma`s members insisted on refocusing the governmental actions in the development of long-range programs from naval to land interests, understanding the decisive role of exactly the Army in the future war. However, the pressure of supreme power and its executive branch led to that over the years most deputies put up with the official course of state leadership toward high-priority fleet rebirth.


The State Duma; fraction; commission; deputy; bill; national defense; army; imperator; Defense Ministry; navy; reform; military budget; fleet; shipbuilding program; appropriation.



History of Science And Archaeology

Arzamaskin Y.N.

History as The Basis of Scientific Knowledge 

The article discusses the concept of “history”, its subject and object as well as the multidimensionality of the historical process, the main social function of history, and its place in the modern humanities. It shows that the science of history, based on common methodological laws and principles of social sciences, has its own methodology, which is developing the conceptual framework of science, common methods and standards for the acquisition of knowledge about the past, and is also engaged in the systematization and interpretation of the obtained data to determine the nature of the historical process and reconstruct it in its specificity and integrity.


history; historical process; study; methodology; methods; principles; subject; object; tasks; function; historiography; sources. 


Masyagin V.P.

Submarines of The Baltic Fleet:History of Creation And Development (dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the Russian Submarine Force) 

The article is dedicated to the history of creation and development of the Baltic Fleet Submarine Force. It reveals submarine operations in the First, Civil and Great Patriotic Wars as well as the process of the Baltic Submarine Force formation, their manning and personnel training between the wars and after WWII. It showcases the methods of military patriotic education and strong morale support to the submariners.


Baltic Fleet; Submarine; division; fighting campaign; fighting; diving; Naval Academy; crew; commander; morale.


Filippovykh D.N.

S. Korolev’s Hydrospace

The article describes the events of the late 1940s – early 1950s attributed to S.Korolev, the chief designer of the national rocket and space equipment and missile weaponry. The materials listed in the article give a wide scientific audience the opportunity to get acquainted with little-known pages behind the development of the Russian first naval-based ballistic missile and the first missile submarine.


Navy; submarine; ballistic missile; launcher; missile launch; test; Sergey Korolev; Nikolai Isanin.


Nikitin O.A.

Moral And Psychological Support of The Russian Army In The Late XVIII Century

The article proves the necessity of moral and psychological support and discusses the directions and stages in Russian government and military activities to strengthen the morale of the Russian army in the late XVIII century. Particular attention is paid to the military policy of the state in the field of moral and psychological support, theory and practice of moral and psychological education of the Russian army in the period under review.


Russian army; moral and psychological support; morale; officers; lower ranks.


Petrov V.D.

Moral And Psychological Factors In Hostilities of The Opposing Sides In The Russian Civil War (1918-1920) 

The article describes the main activities of the various bodies, organizations and institutions to develop high moral and combat qualities in the opposing armies. It analyzes the educational work of the governing bodies of the Red and White Armies, its differences, ideological, spiritual and moral characteristics. The experience of educational work gained in extreme conditions of the Civil War has not lost its significance in the modern world.


Russia; Civil War; party political work; moral and psychological training; education; coordinating centers; political organs; commissioners; chaplains. 


Sakun S.A.

Advocacy In The Peacekeeping Operation To Force Georgia To Peace In 2008

The article describes the operation of August 8-12, 2008 to force Georgia to peace held in the framework of peacekeeping activities of the Armed Forces. It considers the experience of advocacy in the peacekeeping operation, analyzes problematic issues in the protection of troops (forces) from the negative information and psychological impact of the enemy.


Russia; Georgia; armed forces; peacekeeping operation; advocacy; MASS MEDIA; informing the troops; enemy; Information and psychological effects; protection of troops (forces).



Philosophical Sciences

Muzyakov S.I.

Epistemology of Antique Skepticism And Contemporary Philosophy of Science 

Ancient skepticism represented by the doctrine of Pyrrho and his followers is generally seen in the history of philosophy as a variant of relativism and agnosticism. The article attempts to pay attention to the epistemology of the ancient skepticism, which modified methods and modes of research are employed in the modern history of philosophy, especially in its post positivist paradigm. Modern society, which is apart from everything else built on postmodern demonopolization of truth, is largely rooted in the Hellenistic period, which undisputed philosophic merit was revitalization of the problem of thinking-to-reality relation, nature and criteria of true knowledge.


epistemology; pyrrhonism; skepticism; agnosticism; relativism; true; epistemology; philosophy of science; modern society.



Kaftan V.V.

Semantic of Military Service 

The article takes specific examples from the military reality and works of art to reveal various images of military service. Using the methodology of binary oppositions that indicate the duality of the considered phenomenon, the article seeks to show the antagonistic nature of the meanings of military service. Throughout the entire military history there have been two opposing sides: serving God, the Fatherland, the idea and people on one side and the overcoming of God, the profit, false ideals and yourself on the other side. Identification of the specifics of such a confrontation, embodied in various semantics, provides the insight into the true nature of the military service of a Russian soldier.


military service; semantics; binary oppositions; Fatherland; God; service; idea; ideal; profit.


Peven L.V.

Enhancing The Role of The Army In The Civil-Military Relations of Russia 

The article deals with the problem of rethinking the nature and character of civil-military relations in Russia in the conditions of a significant increase of the role of the Armed Forces when maintaining socio-political stability in the state and defending national geopolitical interests. New features of civil-military relations in Russia are evidenced by the sociological research conducted by the Research Centre (sociological) of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, which shows the increased prestige of the Armed Forces as well as a new quality of the military service, i.e. its increased attractiveness among the Russian youth.


Russian Federation; Armed Forces; military service; prestige; attractiveness; civil-military relations.


Goryachev A.I.

The Conflict of Ideologies In Modern Russia 

The article discusses the essence and content of ideological situation in contemporary Russian society. It analyzes the confrontation of different ideological paradigms presented in the spiritual space of modern Russia. It shows that the ideology (or national idea) has always played a significant role in the provision of Russia's power and security. The necessity to create a new ideology is an extremely urgent problem and if not successfully resolved it is impossible to create a truly sovereign Russia.


Ideology; ideological pluralism; ideological conflict; socialist ideology; deideologization; spiritual crisis; identity crisis; liberalism; conservatism; slavophilism; westernizer; national idea.

Military Sciences

Military Economics

Zakutnev S.E., Kandybko N.V.

Problems of Cross-Program Coordination of Activities of Military-Technical Policy 

Implementation of military-technical policy of the Russian Federation involves the use of several mechanisms, the main of which are programs and plans of economic development of the country, the state arms program, state defense order, plans of construction and development of the Armed Forces, other troops, military formations and bodies, Federal target and other programs directly affecting the sphere of military-technical policy. In the article the authors analyze the evolution of the program and target approach to the solution of problems of military-technical policy, describe the problem of coordination of program activities affecting the sphere of military-technical issues of defense and security of Russia.


military-technical policy; program and target approach; the Federal target program; state armament program; state defense order.


Chistov I.V., Yanson S.Y.

Realization of Actions For Energy Saving And Increase of Energy Efficiency at The Defense Industry Enterprises as The Direction of The State Industrial Policy 

In recent years the main contribution to the decrease in power consumption of gross domestic product in Russia has been made by structural shifts in economy and recovery growth in the industry. However, the potential of structural shifts concerning the decrease in power consumption is generally settled, and technological saving still significantly lags behind the planned reference points. Low power efficiency generates low competitiveness of the Russian industry. In this connection the increase of energy efficiency and energy saving are considered by the country leaders as one of the main energy resources of future economic growth of Russia to increase of its competitiveness. The article characterizes the actions aimed at energy saving and increase of energy efficiency at the defense industry enterprises, and also provides tools and measures of joining the state energy and resource-saving policy in the defense industry with the new legislation on industrial policy.


economy; industrial policy; governmental support; defense industry; energy resources; energy saving; energy efficiency.


Воинское обучение и воспитание

Khasanov R.S., Stepanishchev A.T.

On The Culture of Patriotism 

The article is published within the research project, “Education of Patriotism among Officer Cadets and Cadets in the Educational Process of Military University”. It meets the requirements of the educational work associated with the changes of the international situation, the rough and cynical pressure on Russia from the USA and NATO, their desire to make us accept the values ​​ unacceptable to the people of Russia. It reveals how in the current circumstances we are to rebuild the educational work with cadets and officer cadets to strengthen their true love for the Motherland based on a deep study of the Russian language, mutual respect and high culture formed between the military and the civilian personnel. A certain role in the article is devoted to the disclosure of the concept of “polite people”.


patriotism; culture; ethics; moral; spirituality; education; freedom; humanism; “Polite people”; language; reduced vocabulary; profanity; education; soldiers.


Soklakov A.J.

Saints Defenders of The Fatherland In The Light of The Improvement of The Educational Work With The Religious Military 

The article discusses some aspects of the organization of educational work with the religious soldiers. It provides specific examples of the use of holy images to enhance the morale of the Russian army. It also outlines the possible uses of information about the saints of the Russian Orthodox Church related to the military history of Russia.


Russia; military history; religion; Orthodoxy; icons; educational work; education of servicemen; believer; military clergy.


Boltykov O.V.

Forming The Civil Identity of The Cadets of Military Educational Institutions: Theory And Practice 

The article touches upon the forming of civil identity: its structure, contents, forms and methods of working on the task solution, ways, means and peculiarities of educational work in this direction in the conditions of a military educational institution. It also discusses the concept of “civil identity”: basic ideas, tendencies and approaches to the description of the phenomenon in the research of Russian scientists. A retrospective analysis of scientific literature is made on the problem of studying such categories as “identity”, “social identity”, “professional identity”, and “civil identity”.


military educational institution; educational work; state-patriotic training; civil identity; socio-cultural environment; society; personality; cadet.


Military Pedagogics And Military Psychology

Gulyaev V.N., Ivanov E.S., Loginov I.P.

Competence Approach To The Quality of Education 

The article discusses the problems of the relationship of quality of education and competence-based approach from the standpoint of retrospective (the first part) and synergistic (second part) aspects. It sets out some scientific and methodological principles of competence, competency and the quality of education in Russian and foreign theory and practice. It shows the continuing functionality of the object-knowledge learning paradigm to the competence approach model.


education; quality; competence; competence; multiplicative; self-organization; self-determination; knowledge; skills; skills; functionality.


Dudoladov A.A.

On The Teaching Training of Scientific And Pedagogical Personnel For Educational Institutions of Higher Education of The Ministry of Defense of Russia 

The article describes the specifics, current condition, problems, controversies, the causes of non-compliance of the system and the process of pedagogical training of the teaching staff of military educational institutions of higher education of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to the changed military-political situation and tasks of improving the efficiency and quality of training of military specialists. The conclusion is that the situation is difficult, but not hopeless. The article proposes directions to develop the system and the process of pedagogical preparation of teaching staff for military educational institutions of higher education.


military educational organization; high school; pedagogical workers; military-pedagogical educational unit; military training; teacher training.


Bichenok L.P.

Military And Humanitarian Texts At The Lessons of Russian as A Foreign Language: Methodology of Work 

The article describes the principles and methods of work with the military-humanitarian text. It examines the mechanisms of the formation of the semantic structure of texts as one of the varieties of scientific style of speech. The author refers to the field of scientific discipline, “Political science and Military sociology”.


speech; scientific style; text creation mechanisms; military and humanitarian text; text; linguistic analysis.


Military Law

Zagidulin R.A.

Military Traditions As A Source of Military Law 

The article discusses patriotic, fighting, professional, ideological, national and household traditions historically developed in the Russian Arm. The traditions create modern military law of the Russian Federation.


military law; source of law; traditions; patriotism; debt; military brotherhood; subordination; democracy.





Hybrid Warfare as a Means of Modern Geopolitics

On December 17, 2015 the Military University of the Defense Ministry held the round table «Hybrid Warfare in Geopolitical Processes in XXI Century».The main objective of the forum was to further clarify the views of experts, faculty and research staff on the role of the hybrid warfare in modern geopolitical processes, the use of theoretical developments in the educational process of the university, the development of recommendations to the military and political leadership of Russia on unconditional national and military security in the global turbulence and uncertainty.



Women Serving The Fatherland  

On March 3, 2016, the Patriot military-patriotic park of the Russian Federation Armed Forces held the IV International Scientific Forum «Women in the Service of the Fatherland» dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Commonwealth of Independent States.In 2016 the Forum officially received the international status and was included in the work plan of the Council of Defense Ministers of the CIS. It is a unique venue bringing together female soldiers, Soldiers' Mothers, wives of officers to establish and operate women's councils.




Awards For Those Leading The Way 

On the eve of the Fatherland Defender’s Day Military University of the Russian Defense Ministry awarded lecturers and researchers who use in their work innovative educational and research techniques and won the contest of the Best Lecturer and the Best Researcher at year-end 2015.On February 18, 2016 Military University held the fourteenth ceremony to award the best lecturers and researchers of the university at year-end 2015.



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